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Contract of design and create a website

It's on November 29, 2023

It was agreed between:

First: ASH DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Company Internet services, its address is United States – 1309 Coffeen Avenue - STE 1200 - Sheridan, WY 82801, Represented by Mr. Abdallah Taiseer Shannak, in his Job title as Executive Director.

(First Party)


(Second Party)


The company (First Party) provides website design and hosting services and working to start its operation in accordance with the local and international rules and requirements in this area, and at the request of the Second Party to assign the First Party to design a website in accordance with the rules in force, they agreed in full legal capacity to the following.

Clause (1)

The preliminary clause shall be an integral part of this contract and one of the basic clauses thereof.

Clause (2)

It is agreed hereby that the First Party will design a website for the Second Party on the internet, the site should consist of the pages and features as follows:


      1. Home 2. Browse ads 3. Categories 4. About us 5. Favorite 6. Compare 7. Contact us 8. Publish ads 9. My Account 10. Polices*4.


  • Compare Ads
  • Google Maps
  • Mapbox maps
  • OpenStreet Maps
  • Location Country Restriction
  • Manual Custom Locations
  • Locations In Single List
  • Locations In Multiple Levels
  • AJAX Search
  • Quick Search
  • Radius Filter
  • Price Filter
  • Custom Fields Filter
  • Image Only Filter
  • Condition Filter
  • Reveal Phone
  • Dial Phone
  • Print Ad
  • Share Ad
  • Report Ad
  • Bidding History Ad
  • Negotiable Field
  • Ad Slider
  • Ad Video
  • Sellers Listing
  • Normal Sell Ad
  • Multiple Values Custom Field
  • Single Value Custom Field
  • Date Custom Filed
  • Single / Multiple Colors Custom Field
  • Rangle Slider Custom Field
  • Rangle Custom Field With Inputs
  • Checkbox Custom Fields
  • Radio Buttons Custom Fields
  • Regular Input Custom Fields
  • Mandatory Control Custom Fields
  • Multicurrency
  • Unlimited Categorization
  • Visits Chart
  • Ad Status
  • Full Profile Management
  • Ajax Messaging
  • Messaging Per Ad
  • Buyer Reviews
  • Seller Reviews
  • Unread Comments Management From Dashboard
  • Review Responses
  • Favorite Ads
  • Quick Access To Auctions
  • Sticky Menu
  • RTL Fully Supported
  • XML Importer
  • CSV Importer
  • XLS Importer
  • More/Less Expanding Categories
  • Categories In Single List
  • Categories In Multiple Levels
  • Logged Out Smart Contact Form
  • GDPR ready
  • Account Deactivation
  • Bad words fitler
  • Image watermark
  • Facebook Login
  • Twitter Login
  • Google Login
  • Regular Login
  • Email Verification
  • Expire Advert Email Notification
  • Auction Email Notification
  • Auction Countdown
  • Manual / Auto Approval
  • Approval Email Notification
  • Custom Bidding Step
  • Custom Video Thumbnail
  • Custom Ads Per Page
  • Custom Ads Per Promotion
  • Custom Map Style
  • Radius Units
  • Submit Terms & Conditions
  • Max Images Control
  • Max Image Size Control
  • Max Videos Control
  • Custom Email & Name Sender
  • Order ID control
  • King Composer Page Builder
  • Beaver Builder Page Builder
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • List / Grid / Card Style
  • Contact Form
  • A Lot Of Appearance Customization
  • Mail Subscription
  • Sticky Menu
  • Multiple Blog Listings
  • Invoices
  • Slug Changer
  • Separate Email Logo
  • Beautiful Email Notification Style
  • Password Recovery
  • Password Strength
  • Password Length
  • SVG Logo
  • Row Slider
  • Row Video
  • Social Links
  • Demo Content
  • Responsive
  • System Built From Scratch
  • Optimized For Speed
  • Google AdSence Ready
  • Google Analytics
  • Placeholder For Ads
  • SMS / Whatsapp Verification


Clause (3)

The two parties agreed on the total price for the value of the site design by the First Party for the benefit of the Second Party, which is shown in clause (2) of this contract amount of 750$ the Second Party pays it to the First Party in batches as follows:

Amount of 450$ (From the contract value immediately after the contract is concluded to begin the initial design).

Amount of 300$ (From the contract value upon completion of pages design and when the site is delivered).

Clause (4)

The Second Party acknowledges its obligation to provide the necessary information to implement the initial design agreed to be included on the site at the time of the conclusion of the contract to the First Party, and if the Second Party is late in submitting the data, the First Party has no responsibility for the delay, which results in delays in the delivery of the site.

Clause (5)

The Second Party has the right to see the design before implementing it and has the right to request any modifications without exceeding the agreed-upon tasks, and if he agrees to the design and coordination of the site, he has no right to demand that it be changed or amended as long as the First Party initiates implementation or has completed the work assigned to it.

Clause (6)

The Second Party acknowledges its obligation in the case of an increase in the works from what is agreed upon by the contract, to pay the consideration for this increase within two working days from the date of its written request, other than the original and estimated value of the design, and in the case of his request for any subsequent amendment to his approval of the design submitted by the First Party, he shall be obligated to pay the consideration for this amendment.

Clause (7)

The two parties agreed that the First Party would hand over the agreed site no later than 16 days from the date of signing and bring the site data taking into account the provisions of clause (4) of this contract.

The First Party is committed to the time period and the Second Party is entitled to recover the payments in the event that the First Party does not comply with the time period or any delay of more than a week from the previously specified dates, provided that the First Party is the party responsible for the delay and the company is not responsible for any delay caused by the Second Party.

Clause (8)

In the case of any breach by the Second Party or his retraction of this agreement after starting the design, he shall not have the right to claim the refund of the contract value paid by him upon the conclusion of the contract.

Clause (9)

The Second Party is obliged to provide final information to the First Party concerning the site to which the First Party designs it no later than 4 days from the date of signing the contract.

Clause (10)

The Second Party acknowledges that if it wishes to terminate the contract before starting the design of the site, in that case, it is permissible (for the First Party) to deduct 10% of the amount paid in advance for contracting, which is for administrative expenses, contract fees, and collection.

The Second Party also acknowledges that when the payment of the contract value is delayed after completion, it is permissible (for the First Party) to apply to the interim relief judge of East Amman Court to issue a performance order or a reservation order, or both to oblige (the Second Party) to pay the amount owed, the Second Party also acknowledges the proof of indebtedness of the late payment to the First Party and the non-dispute by the service provider.

Clause (11)

In the case of any dispute in connection with the enforcement of any provision of this Contract, the East Amman Court shall be the competent court.

Clause (12)

This contract, to create a website, has been edited into two copies and 6 pages and each party receives a copy to work under if necessary.

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Signed by Abdallah Shannak
Signed On: May 21, 2023

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